Golden Retriever & The Japanse Flag

Japan (2020)

At first, I wanted to paint a dog with a ball, but I wanted to be creative rather than just making a dog picture. So I decided that I wanted to express the Japanese flag theme somehow because it would be interesting. Choosing a white background first and a red ball, I put Japanese kanji on the ball. I like the Japanese flag design because it is easy to remember.

The white part shows purity, and the red part shows passion, and loyalty. The circle shape simply implies the sun. This design started to be used from 1870 as a flag for commerce ships. The sun mark was originally 1/100 closer to the flagpole in order to show the sun more elegantly when it would be seen on the ocean (a little different from the current version with the “sun” in the center). Thus, the dog holding a ball away from the center actually (just kidding XD). Then later, the flag became the official national flag in 1999. 

Bangladesh imitated the Japanese flag to make their own though their implied meanings for their flag is different than the sun (the red implies the fresh blood from their warriors who had fought for independence) . But the circle on their flag is still slightly off-center just like the Japanese flag from around 1870, showing their flag more elegantly.

I may have gone off on a tangent, but hopefully you found some entertainment in the history of flags.

HiRO William (Artisti) 

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