Howl’s Moving Castle Birthday Art

Howl’s family celebration (2021)

This is what I made for my wife’s birthday this year. Every year I give her something related to  goats, which is her most favorite animal. 

She had goats when she was growing up, and has been pretty fascinated by them ever since.

Goat Twins (2019)
Chevres Amoureux (2020)

However, I realized that I have never made her favorite characters’ fan art, so I wanted to make something different from previous years to make it more interesting. She loves “Howl’s Moving Castle” the most among any movies or anime, so I picked it as the main theme. And, of course, with a goat because why not?

I originally did not have any clear finished images in my brain (honestly, most of my work starts out like that. All I can do is just keep painting better and better). 

Here is a 30 second video of how I drew this piece. I hope you can see my struggle visually LOL 

I was too excited to give this piece to her, so I started almost a half year before, and I had the print ready in my hand by the middle of May (her birthday is July 9th). That was tough since I needed to wait to give for two months actually… lol

Then July came finally and Here you go!

Here is her Reaction video.

As you can see in my video, she did not realize I actually painted the piece, so her reaction was smaller than I had expected. 

The most important thing was that she was happy with my gift, so I was happy as well.

Have a wonderful day, everyone !

HiRO Williams (Artist)

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