My Dog “Chappy” Art & His bio

I hope you can watch the video first. This is a light introduction for my dog and speed painting.

This picture was taken early time like 2008 – 2009

He was an originally stray dog. I got him when he was 6 months old from a foster NPO, so pretty mature as a dog already. The lady from the NPO told us that he is a mix of white dog and something, so I still don’t know which breed he is. Considering how mature he was, it was quite hard for him to get used to everything. He was always at the edge of the cardboard.

Soon after, he got used to a new world with us. As you might be able to see from pictures taken much later, his face is different from the early time. His has more of a bright face (only when he is happy like in general from walking lol), but this is good because before, he couldn’t even show interest in walking and food. His favorite food is choux pastry (my wife, Anna also loves it too much).

This is an example of choux pastry. When I keep showing pictures of them to my wife, she got mad by saying. “Don’t show me Meshi Tero (food porn in Japanese)”. Lol

He was always there whenever I was happy, sad, and angry. Unfortunately I can’t say I was doing well at that time, so he was quite helpful to cheer me up.

Now he is almost 13 years old. Due to my personal complex issues, it’s hard to go back to see him, but I hope I can see him again someday soon.

HiRO Williams (Artist)

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      1. Of course! You deserve all the attention- your art is superb.

        I would love it if you stop by my blog sometime to check my work out, too 😊

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