Canines of The Art World: John Sargent Noble “Otter Hunting (On the Scent)”

I almost made the mistake of thinking that this amazing artist  was the same as John Singer Sargent from my last post (below).

Canines of The Art World: John Singer Sargeant’s “Pointy” (1885)

I’m super excited to talk about this one. You probably know about John Singer Sargent already, but if you don’t, I definitely recommend learning about him. He was basically an art-making machine! In his life, he created over 900 oil paintings and 2000 watercolor paintings. When he was growing up,Continue reading “Canines of The Art World: John Singer Sargeant’s “Pointy” (1885)”

That was very incorrect. While John Singer Sargent was famous mostly for his portraits, John Sargent Noble, was known for his paintings of dogs. 

As far as artists from that time, I do not know of any that created as many beautiful paintings featuring dogs as John Sargent Noble did. He did paintings of dogs hunting otters, dog guarding their owner’s belongings, dogs playing with kids, and basically any situation you might think of involving dogs. 

What I love about his paintings is that you could see how much care he put into them and expressing the scenes. You can see excitement, content, curiosity, sadness, loneliness, concern, and so many other expressions in the faces of the dogs in each of his paintings. My particular favorite is actually “The Faithful Servant” because of the amazing way he used the dog’s expression to help tell the story in the painting. If only I could figure out which year that painting was completed, it would have been the main image on this post.

But “Otter Hunting (on the scent)” should not be overlooked either. It shows the excitement and curiosity that the dogs feel while hunting. You can almost feel their energy as you look as them searching for trails and and hints of their targets to find them as quickly as they can.

For beautiful paintings of dogs, especially between the 1850s-1890s, definitely check out John Sargent Noble. You will not be disappointed.

Till my next post, have a fantastic time!

Anna Ito

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