Canines of The Art World: Pablo Picasso’s “Dog” (sometime between 1957-1973)

I can’t not mention this if I’m writing about art featuring dogs.

Picasso is super famous for many paintings, but this one in particular is one of my favorites because of the story behind it.

This is a painting of a dog named Lump (the German word for rascal). I’ve heard some people say that this was Picasso’s dog, but Lump actually belonged to Picasso’s friend named David Douglas Duncan. He brought Lump with him when visiting Picasso’s house, and the dog and artist basically fell in love with each other. Picasso even painted a picture of Lump on a plate and gave it to David the same day.

Image taken from the University of Texas at Austin

Lump was not very happy to live with David’s other dog who kinda kept bullying him, so David was happy to let Lump stay with Picasso for a few years. During that time, Picasso pampered Lump to no end. Picasso did not like to work with others around, but Lump was always welcome (except for this one time when Picasso had to make a cardboard bunny for Lump in order to get a moment of peace). 

David even would later publish a book with photographs depicting Picasso’s relationship with Lump.

Even though Picasso definitely had a few of his own animals that he definitely loved (he even had a goat named Esmerelda!), I think he probably loved Lump the most. He made over 15 paintings with Lump making at least some kind of appearance, and when Lump finally died 16 years after meeting Picasso, Picasso died a week later.

Anna Ito

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  1. Oh that is the sweetest story <3 He and your wife had in common a love of goats too, I see 🙂 I always enjoy learning interesting and fun facts like that. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you, Beth! As you might have already noticed, this article was written by my wife, and I showed your comment to her, and she was smiling 🙂 I am glad you seemed to enjoy! I hope we can deliver more fun stuff to satisfy your curiosity! Thanks again!

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