Canines of The Art World: Briton Rivière’s “Jilted”  (1887)

Now I will tell you about another god of animal paintings, Briton Rivière. This guy loved all animals, but especially dogs, and it definitely showed in his work.

He was born in 1840, and when he was starting out, he was fortunate to have his father who was an art teacher at Oxford. I’m not sure whether that meant a lot of extra help, pressure, or both? Either way, he turned out to be an exceptional artist, and some of his first works featuring animals were displayed at the British Institution when he was 11. 

By the time he was 24, he had pretty much decided to just paint animals, and paint animals he did. He went on to create many beautiful paintings including these pieces below.

The Long Sleep (1868)
Sympathy (1877)

 and my personal favorite, “Apollo Playing The Lute”.

Apollo Playing The Lute

Overall, I think one of the things that I think made Briton so successful was that he really loved the subjects he was painting. In his paintings, the animals never appeared as props or decorations but as characters. He took what we love about animals and expressed it in his work. The featured painting of this post is a beautiful example of that. Look at the concern on that puppy’s face! I think that this expressive way to paint animals is something that will always be appreciated by anyone. 

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Now that I’ve said that, I feel like I’ve inadvertently lead myself to talk about Hiro’s work, which also often features animals in that expressive way that I’m so fond of if you haven’t seen them yet, definitely take a peek at these.

No matter the time period, you’ll always find an artist who paints animals. 

In my next post, I’ll talk about an artist that Briton was very much inspired by. Till then, have a fantastic time!

Anna Ito

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  1. I love your golden retriever painting. So realistic and so fun! I can almost see his next move will be to drop the ball so he can fetch b it again. 😃 Beautiful work! 🙂❤🙂

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