Real Hero “Chadwick Boseman”

A year ago, August 28 Chadwick Boseman died at age 43 due to colon cancer. I am a big fan of superhero movies, so I came to know him from “Captain America Civil War” in which Chadwick appeared as Black Panther for the first time in 2016. Black Panther was released in 2018 and in the next year this movie won three academy shows. This was a historic moment because Ruth Carter, costume designer & Hannah Beachler, production designer, won Academy Awards as the first African American women in the history of 91st Oscars.


His death was too sudden to realize it was real. I believe it was not only to me. After hearing the news, I decided to paint him to honor what he accomplished with his life. I strongly remember his saying in Captain America Civil War (2016), ” In my culture, death is not the end. It’s more of a stepping off point. You reach out with both hands and Bast and Sekhmet, they lead you into the green veld where… you can run forever”. These are what I put behind his portrait. These are beautiful lines, giving hope to people after death. Ironically, they also fit what happened to him well.

This is video coming from April 2020 on his Instagram. The first video is a summarized video and the second one is the original video. He was diagnosed with this cancer in 2016, and he kept it secret to public. Even though some people made a fun of his skinniness, fans did not know he was battling against the cancer alone. And even the first video explained, in his video, he focused on the topic of Covid-19 in black communities without implying his health condition at all.

I usually don’t respect celebrities just because they are celebrities. However, I respect Chadwick Boseman as a real super hero who supported black communities while fighting bravely alone against a horrifying menace for such long years.

Rest in piece, King

HiRO Williams (Artist)

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  1. This was certainly one of the more shocking celebrity deaths that I can recall. Probably the only one I can remember that was more shocking was the murder of Phil Hartman.

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