A&H Evergreen Art Studio stands for my wife’s name and mine(Anna & HiRO respectively). And we used “Evergreen” because we hope this art studio can flourish like an evergreen tree for a long time (and also, Anna loves botany a lot as well). I, HiRO Williams, am in charge of creating art and she helps me run things whenever I can not get around to it. You can look at my work through the “Artworks” on the menu, so please check out! We both love the local atmosphere of the Northwest. I grew up in an urban city, Yokohama in Japan, and my wife has lived in Sequim, Washington for most of her life. We both love that the people are very nice, friendly, so we’d like to contribute more and more to this community and build and treasure our relationships with everyone. And that’s how A&H Evergreen Art Studio came about. Of course, we do appreciate you wherever you live or come from. Each relationship is a precious thing to us. Every year, I make a new painting featuring a goat (her most favorite animal) as a birthday gift for my wife because I love seeing her happy and surprised reaction. I really do hope we can provide the same warm feeling experience to you or someone special of yours. I’m taking commissions and I will do my best to express everything that you want to express in your piece. If there is any case when you do not like the result, I give a full refund, so if you want to prepare gifts for someone special, feel free to contact us (you can see more details on “Commission“). Also, we upload blog posts at least once in three days (Click on “Blog“). We focus on something we only can produce, so I hope you can enjoy it.

I am looking forward to building relationships with you! Thank for visiting again!

A&H Evergreen Art Studio