Canines of The Art World: George Romney’s “Lady Hamilton as Nature” (1782)

This is currently the second oldest on my list of favorite paintings featuring dogs, and I must say this was quite an interesting one to read into. While I chose this painting because I loved the funny way that the artist depicted the dog in her arms, the lady in the painting actually kinda stealsContinue reading “Canines of The Art World: George Romney’s “Lady Hamilton as Nature” (1782)”

Howl’s Moving Castle Birthday Art

This is what I made for my wife’s birthday this year. Every year I give her something related to  goats, which is her most favorite animal.  She had goats when she was growing up, and has been pretty fascinated by them ever since. However, I realized that I have never made her favorite characters’ fanContinue reading “Howl’s Moving Castle Birthday Art”

Canines of the Art World: Pompeii’s “Beware of the Dog” Mosaic

You may have already noticed by now that HiRO has done quite a bit of work featuring dogs. While personally, I prefer goats, I do admit I have a soft spot for our canine friends as well, and was originally going to turn this post into kind of a rant on “Why didn’t our artistsContinue reading “Canines of the Art World: Pompeii’s “Beware of the Dog” Mosaic”

Golden Retriever & The Japanse Flag

At first, I wanted to paint a dog with a ball, but I wanted to be creative rather than just making a dog picture. So I decided that I wanted to express the Japanese flag theme somehow because it would be interesting. Choosing a white background first and a red ball, I put Japanese kanjiContinue reading “Golden Retriever & The Japanse Flag”


“Sakurapsody” is an original artwork painted by artist HiRO Williams. It features a kitten playing with a newfound toy, as cherry petals fall around it. In creating this piece, HiRO wished to capture the playfulness of the kitten, while incorporating the gracefulness of Japanese cherry blossoms (Sakura), to create a dynamic piece that can beContinue reading “Sakurapsody”