The Inside of A&H Evergreen Art Studio

Here you can peak through the inside of our studio. HiRO Williams writes his art process, details, & fun facts about art. And, Anna Ito writes interesting Art History. We hope you can find some joy here!

Real Hero “Chadwick Boseman”

A year ago, August 28 Chadwick Boseman died at age 43 due to colon cancer. I am a big fan of superhero movies, so I came to know him from “Captain America Civil War” in which Chadwick appeared as Black Panther for the first time in 2016. Black Panther was released in 2018 and in the next year this movie won three academy shows. This was a historic moment because Ruth Carter, costume designer & Hannah Beachler, production designer, won Academy Awards as the first African American women in the history of 91st Oscars. His death was too sudden toContinue reading “Real Hero “Chadwick Boseman””

Ostrich Effect

Do you know what the “Ostrich Effect” is? It is a cognitive bias which causes people to avoid potentially unpleasant information. As the name implies, it comes from the way an ostrich hides its head in a hole, but actually an ostrich does not do that in reality (I’ll discuss it later). First, I will introduce what the Ostrich Effect” is so that any of us can be aware of and potentially avoid this bias. Ostrich Effect can be seen in a variety of situations. However, it can be observed more in financial areas like investments for instance. According toContinue reading “Ostrich Effect”

Canines of The Art World: Briton Rivière’s “Jilted”  (1887)

Now I will tell you about another god of animal paintings, Briton Rivière. This guy loved all animals, but especially dogs, and it definitely showed in his work. He was born in 1840, and when he was starting out, he was fortunate to have his father who was an art teacher at Oxford. I’m not sure whether that meant a lot of extra help, pressure, or both? Either way, he turned out to be an exceptional artist, and some of his first works featuring animals were displayed at the British Institution when he was 11.  By the time he wasContinue reading “Canines of The Art World: Briton Rivière’s “Jilted”  (1887)”

Old Masters of The Art World: Picasso (Early Age)

Do you know Picasso? Of course, you do (at least you heard of him), but actually he was a prodigy in terms of realism even at a very early age. My wife, Anna has already written about him, so check it out. Our perspectives are pretty different, so it can be interesting to read both. Pablo Ruiz Picasso was born in October, 1881, in Spain. The boy on the left in the picture is Picasso, and the girl on the right is his younger sister, Lola. His father, Don José Ruiz Blasco was originally a drawing teacher and a curatorContinue reading “Old Masters of The Art World: Picasso (Early Age)”

Canines of The Art World: Pablo Picasso’s “Dog” (sometime between 1957-1973)

I can’t not mention this if I’m writing about art featuring dogs. Picasso is super famous for many paintings, but this one in particular is one of my favorites because of the story behind it. This is a painting of a dog named Lump (the German word for rascal). I’ve heard some people say that this was Picasso’s dog, but Lump actually belonged to Picasso’s friend named David Douglas Duncan. He brought Lump with him when visiting Picasso’s house, and the dog and artist basically fell in love with each other. Picasso even painted a picture of Lump on aContinue reading “Canines of The Art World: Pablo Picasso’s “Dog” (sometime between 1957-1973)”

Meme Mount Rushmore

You know the term, “meme”? The term was coined in 1976 by evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins. He used it to describe a behavior, idea, and style that spreads super quickly from people to people in a culture. Around that time, he had no idea how people would use it in the future like we do now as “internet memes”. Now, we spread it through the internet, mainly social media with humor. There are a lot of varieties like something funny, silly, political, life lessons etc. And, they reference something commonly known like dramas, comedies, or movies. Or, some completely uniqueContinue reading “Meme Mount Rushmore”

Canines of The Art World: John Sargent Noble “Otter Hunting (On the Scent)”

I almost made the mistake of thinking that this amazing artist  was the same as John Singer Sargent from my last post (below). That was very incorrect. While John Singer Sargent was famous mostly for his portraits, John Sargent Noble, was known for his paintings of dogs.  As far as artists from that time, I do not know of any that created as many beautiful paintings featuring dogs as John Sargent Noble did. He did paintings of dogs hunting otters, dog guarding their owner’s belongings, dogs playing with kids, and basically any situation you might think of involving dogs.  WhatContinue reading “Canines of The Art World: John Sargent Noble “Otter Hunting (On the Scent)””

Canines of The Art World: John Singer Sargeant’s “Pointy” (1885)

I’m super excited to talk about this one. You probably know about John Singer Sargent already, but if you don’t, I definitely recommend learning about him. He was basically an art-making machine! In his life, he created over 900 oil paintings and 2000 watercolor paintings. When he was growing up, he could never stay in school very long, but his parents made up for that by traveling all over Europe and letting him learn from the older art masters firsthand by visiting and viewing their work in-person. While he didn’t get much of a formal education, he was actually quiteContinue reading “Canines of The Art World: John Singer Sargeant’s “Pointy” (1885)”

My Dog “Chappy” Art & His bio

I hope you can watch the video first. This is a light introduction for my dog and speed painting. He was an originally stray dog. I got him when he was 6 months old from a foster NPO, so pretty mature as a dog already. The lady from the NPO told us that he is a mix of white dog and something, so I still don’t know which breed he is. Considering how mature he was, it was quite hard for him to get used to everything. He was always at the edge of the cardboard. Soon after, he gotContinue reading “My Dog “Chappy” Art & His bio”

Canines of The Art World: Herbert William Weekes’ “on Guard (the Squabble)” (1878)

This painting is another favorite of mine that was done by Herbert William Weekes. The best part of this painting is that you can tell he had spent quite a bit of time on a farm, and is really good at telling stories in his work. In this particular painting, I imagine two possible stories. One is that the puppy’s curiosity caused him to wander too far and alerted some geese that were definitely not too fond of having him around. The other imaginary story is that the puppy had been “guarding” some items that his owner had left behind,Continue reading “Canines of The Art World: Herbert William Weekes’ “on Guard (the Squabble)” (1878)”

Canines of The Art World: George Romney’s “Lady Hamilton as Nature” (1782)

This is currently the second oldest on my list of favorite paintings featuring dogs, and I must say this was quite an interesting one to read into. While I chose this painting because I loved the funny way that the artist depicted the dog in her arms, the lady in the painting actually kinda steals the spotlight due to her backstory. Everyone knows her as Emma Hart (or Hamilton once she was married), but her real name was originally Amy Lyon. She was born in England, and raised by her mother and grandmother (her father had died when she wasContinue reading “Canines of The Art World: George Romney’s “Lady Hamilton as Nature” (1782)”

Howl’s Moving Castle Birthday Art

This is what I made for my wife’s birthday this year. Every year I give her something related to  goats, which is her most favorite animal.  She had goats when she was growing up, and has been pretty fascinated by them ever since. However, I realized that I have never made her favorite characters’ fan art, so I wanted to make something different from previous years to make it more interesting. She loves “Howl’s Moving Castle” the most among any movies or anime, so I picked it as the main theme. And, of course, with a goat because why not?Continue reading “Howl’s Moving Castle Birthday Art”

Canines of the Art World: Pompeii’s “Beware of the Dog” Mosaic

You may have already noticed by now that HiRO has done quite a bit of work featuring dogs. While personally, I prefer goats, I do admit I have a soft spot for our canine friends as well, and was originally going to turn this post into kind of a rant on “Why didn’t our artists of old ever paint dogs instead of people?” But then I realized, they DID! So over my next posts, I’m going to be sharing some stories on my favorite pieces from the art history world. Today, I’m starting with this one… Pompeii’s Beware of theContinue reading “Canines of the Art World: Pompeii’s “Beware of the Dog” Mosaic”

Golden Retriever & The Japanse Flag

At first, I wanted to paint a dog with a ball, but I wanted to be creative rather than just making a dog picture. So I decided that I wanted to express the Japanese flag theme somehow because it would be interesting. Choosing a white background first and a red ball, I put Japanese kanji on the ball. I like the Japanese flag design because it is easy to remember. The white part shows purity, and the red part shows passion, and loyalty. The circle shape simply implies the sun. This design started to be used from 1870 as aContinue reading “Golden Retriever & The Japanse Flag”


“Sakurapsody” is an original artwork painted by artist HiRO Williams. It features a kitten playing with a newfound toy, as cherry petals fall around it. In creating this piece, HiRO wished to capture the playfulness of the kitten, while incorporating the gracefulness of Japanese cherry blossoms (Sakura), to create a dynamic piece that can be enjoyed anyone who sees it. For the cat’s toy, a real toy is affixed to the glass to add interest and a three-dimensional aspect.


HiRO William’s piece “Arrogoat” Comically portrays human characteristics in animal form. The painting features goat with its arms crossed as it wears a human sweater. The goat partially has his tongue out, as he lifts his nose stubbornly in the air. This creates an overall arrogant yet silly impression that gives the painting its uniqueness and interest as a piece. A playful portrayal of a human trait.

Dog Collection

This collection was made as a tribute to all of the four-legged friends that make themselves at home in our lives. It is hard to find a dog owner who doesn’t absolutely love their fur babies, isn’t it? Artist HiRO Williams captures their cuteness and vivid countenances in squares of digital paintings. He expresses them in a sort of modern pop style to emphasize their existence. Each is unque in its own way, but the Labrador is particularly unique terms of symbolism. He holds a red ball in his mouth with a white background behind. This creates the image ofContinue reading “Dog Collection”

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