Real Hero “Chadwick Boseman”

A year ago, August 28 Chadwick Boseman died at age 43 due to colon cancer. I am a big fan of superhero movies, so I came to know him from “Captain America Civil War” in which Chadwick appeared as Black Panther for the first time in 2016. Black Panther was released in 2018 and inContinue reading “Real Hero “Chadwick Boseman””

Howl’s Moving Castle Birthday Art

This is what I made for my wife’s birthday this year. Every year I give her something related to  goats, which is her most favorite animal.  She had goats when she was growing up, and has been pretty fascinated by them ever since. However, I realized that I have never made her favorite characters’ fanContinue reading “Howl’s Moving Castle Birthday Art”

Golden Retriever & The Japanse Flag

At first, I wanted to paint a dog with a ball, but I wanted to be creative rather than just making a dog picture. So I decided that I wanted to express the Japanese flag theme somehow because it would be interesting. Choosing a white background first and a red ball, I put Japanese kanjiContinue reading “Golden Retriever & The Japanse Flag”


“Sakurapsody” is an original artwork painted by artist HiRO Williams. It features a kitten playing with a newfound toy, as cherry petals fall around it. In creating this piece, HiRO wished to capture the playfulness of the kitten, while incorporating the gracefulness of Japanese cherry blossoms (Sakura), to create a dynamic piece that can beContinue reading “Sakurapsody”