Who doesn’t like making someone special happy by AWESOME GIFTS ?

Yeah, nobody does, since anybody can be happy from your warm kindness. 

In fact, I also really love to do it for my family and friends.

If you want to read more details of this piece, you can click on the article link below.

Howl’s Moving Castle Birthday Art

This is what I made for my wife’s birthday this year. Every year I give her something related to  goats, which is her most favorite animal.  She had goats when she was growing up, and has been pretty fascinated by them ever since.Continue reading “Howl’s Moving Castle Birthday Art”

The moment I give a present is always one of the most special memorable moments in my life. 

Not only can I feel pleasure from the happy smiling, but I can enjoy the atmosphere, the day, and everything thanks to gifts I have prepared for them with my passion, giving me another meaning for life.

Basically that’s what I want to do here with you.

One time, I got a commission from one of my clients. She wanted me to paint her son’s dogs with a real ball and a collar. She really liked the idea of attaching a tennis ball to the surface of the piece, as she had seen from my previous work (picture below).

She generously gave me small dog balls to attach to the work for her. 

She wanted me to express the collar physically, just like I was doing with the ball. This was a good challenge because I had to improvise. What I had decided at that moment was attaching balls. 

It basically means the ball was the closest in perspective from the rest of the image. If I put the collar on the surface, perspective on the painting would have troubles like the dog with the collar behind the ball would be next to the ball. Thus, I got luminate paint and applied it to the collar so that it would stand out. I have never used it, so it was quite a fun experiment and experience. 

It was hard to find a good balance of the amount of the paint.

The result turned out like this. 

When giving this piece, the client and her son came to our house. She gave me an honor to give this piece to her son. When he opened the box of the art, his eyes teared up. I had never expected such a wonderful moment, so I was super happy. I still can remember the moment in my heart.

Here is details of commission.

What you will get is 

  • Art print 
  • Art Frame
  • Exclusive Certification

【Option Details】

You can choose either digital or traditional. If you choose digital, you can get a print with special gloss coating (it is strong enough can be displayed well without an art frame.  The picture below is the example of the coating).

This is the art print of my wife’s birthday fanart I painted digitally and gave.

You can choose scales from 11 x 14 or less. If you want larger scales, you can tell me. I will do my best to fulfill your wish. 

I would appreciate if you tell me as many as details you want to include into your piece and what the person you give this piece likes. In terms of making people happy, information is everything in my philosophy. It is like some people love flowers, but others don’t. It really matters that making the person you choose happy with tailored gifts. You can expect what kind of works I can produce from “Artworks” pages, but I am happy I can challenge myself to create something I have never done as well, so feel free to consult with me.


It would normally take 1 – 2 weeks. For digital art, you can expect a few weeks more due to the printing process (If you are planning for special occasions , I recommend at least a few months ahead so that I can make sure to get it in your hands in time).


You can pay a refundable deposit (a half price of commission) through PayPal or Venmo (easy to register your account and pay with credit cards). And then I start working on. After getting received your the rest half of payment with shipping cost, I will ship to your preferred address.


I put my full effort to create a piece you can fully satisfied with. If you do not like the result of my art, I can give you a full refund. 

I am looking forward to working for you anytime soon ! Feel free to contact us! Our contact information is below!

【Our Contact Information】

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